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Internationally recognized domain extension

The .NET domain

The .NET domain is the second most popular extension in the world and is one of the first domains to have been launched along with .COM and .ORG. Check its availability free of charge and buy your .NET domain online, with the basic plan which includes DNS Management or Redirect service or a more complete plan that includes also email and hosting services to create your own website.

The advantages of a .NET domain
Being an extension in high demand, the choice to register a .NET domain can be a viable alternative to .COM.
.NET derives from network, therefore a .NET domain name is suitable for online or IT companies and can be a great way to launch a start-up or an online business. You can also choose to register a .NET domain as part of a Brand Protection strategy. Check the availability of the .NET domain you are looking for, free of charge. The registration includes DNS Management or Redirect service.

How to register a .NET domain:

No restrictions apply to .NET domains, therefore everybody can register them. You only need to follow these simple rules:
  • A .NET domain name can contain letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9;
  • To register a .NET domain you need to choose a name with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 63 characters;
  • The "-" (hyphen) mark can be used in .NET domain names, however it must not be entered as a first or last character.

Included with a .net domain you get

  • 1 domain
  • DNS Management or Redirect
  • 1 Swite website1 novità
  • Control panel
  • Free support 24/7 Free support 24/7

Services you can combine with the .net domain

1Available only with DNS Management.
€9,99 + IVA/1° annoVAT/1st yearIVA/1er año*
anzichéinstead ofen vez de €9,99 + IVAVATIVA
Dominio .net
.net Domain
Dominio .net

Swite website included with the domain

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