What is the Landrush period?

The Landrush period starts after the Sunrise period and finishes before the "General Availability phase", it is in fact the time during which domains are available for registration. This phase provides early access to domain names so you can grab the ones you want the most before anyone else. 

Who can take part?

During the Landrush period the registration of all domain names, including gTLDs, is open to everyone. There are no special requirements.


How does it work?

Orders submitted during this phase will be placed on hold until the end of the Landrush period. The  domains which receive only one valid application will be assigned to the applicant, whereas those that receive multiple valid applications will be assigned through auction.
Aruba will notify you of the status of your application and, if necessary, will provide all the details required to take part in the auction. The price paid by the highest bidder will not include the application and the domain registration fees.

Do you need help?

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