e-Commerce Easy

The perfect solution for selling virtual goods and services which can be purchased through paid downloads.

49,99€ + IVA/anno + VAT/year€ + IVA/año*
anzichèinstead of €en vez de 99,00 € + IVA/anno+ VAT/year€ + IVA/año
Maximum number of products 100
Digital goods through paid download   
Resources managed via booking system -
Maximum number of types of products 20
Maximum number of product features  20
Maximum number of product feature options 10
Maximum number of options per product 225
Maximum number of pages / categories 10
Maximum upload file size 300 MB per file
Gestpay and PayPal payment  
Number of languages Dettaglio 1
Tablet and Smartphone version  Dettaglio -
Domain and Hosting included  
DNS Management  
DV SSL Certificate DV SSL DV SSL
Cross-selling and products valuation Dettaglio -
Connection with EBay, Amazon and other marketplaces -
Product options: comparison Dettaglio -
Shopping basket, management of orders, stock and availability  
Import/export of customer data, orders and products in csv and txt format  
Search suggestions  
Customer groups and customer area Dettaglio  
Option to allow only registered users to place orders  
Minimum order per order  
Invoices, credit notes and shipping documents   -
Price lists with discounts  -
Direct order form -
Customizable designs / templates  (suggestions for type of business) Dettaglio  
Quick or advanced design wizard and preview  
Megamenu for simple navigation Dettaglio  
Customizable buttons   
Dynamic shopping window     
Different product images (list, details, etc…)  
Product photo gallery  
Automatic Sitemap  
Version for Tablets and Smartphones Dettaglio -
Social network icons (Facebook, Google+, Twitter and social bookmark)    
Discount for selected payment option  
Free shipping for minimum orders  
Integration with Facebook shop -
Manual Cross-selling Dettaglio -
Automatic Cross-selling
(customers who purchased x also purchased y) Dettaglio
Product recommendations -
Questions on products Dettaglio  
Products on special offer in separate section -
Product plans -
Coupons -
Number of currencies 1
Offline payment options : advanced, invoice, cash on delivery  
Integration with PayPal  
Integration with GestPay (IT)  
Integration with IGFS (IT) -
Discount for selected payment option  
Number of shipping methods 15
Shipping method per product -
Customizable tax matrix  
Geographic regions per payment and delivery -
Connection with eBay (up to 500.000 auctions) Dettaglio -
Connection with Amazon -
Ciao! / LeGuide / Twenga / Shopzilla  
Shopping.com / Kelkoo / Google Shopping -
Universal interface for integration on other sites -
Submission to Google, XML sitemap, Google Adwords, creation of short URLs Dettaglio  
SEO Cockpit tool -
Integration with eTracker and Google Analytics   
Contact forms Dettaglio  
Blog -
Forum -
Delivery and management of newsletters Dettaglio -
Guestbook -
RSS Feed -
Supported certification: Trusted Shop, Safebuy (UK), Confianza Online (ES), Fianet (FR) and for Shoplupe usability testing and certification
Registration second-level domain
5 x 1 GB email accounts
Control Panel  

**It is possible to buy the e-commerce solutions both as an additional service to your domain with Aruba, and as a main service during the domain order process.
 In this case, the indicated price of the e-commerce solutions includes the registration of the domain and 5 1GB email accounts.

49,99€ + IVA/anno + VAT/year€ + IVA/año*
anzichèinstead of €en vez de 99,00 € + IVA/anno+ VAT/year€ + IVA/año
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