Whois Privacy

Protect your identity and avoid any spam.
Thanks to the Whois Privacy service you can safeguard your domain and protect yourself from identity theft.

Every time a domain is registered, Aruba (as an accredited Registrar) is required to collect registration details, in line with the provisions laid down by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Domain Names and Numbers), which will not be made public according to GDPR provisions.

  • Available for gTLDs (generic Top-Level Domains)*
  • Management panel
  • Free support 24/7

The Whois Privacy service means you can have an anonymous email address linked to your domain name, so you can still receive promotional emails filtered for spam, but with more protection for your privacy. The service is not available for all extensions.
Anyone trying to contact an email address that is associated with a domain protected by Whois Privacy, will receive an automatic message advising them to visit the site contactprivacy.com in order to reach the registrant.

*This service is not available for the following domain extensions: .it, .eu, .fm, .es, .us, co.uk, .org.uk, .gov.it and any geographic domain.

Whois Privacy
€ 3.00 € + VAT/year + VAT/1st year*
for renewal € 3.00 + VAT


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