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Domain registration today is available for everyone. For almost all extensions, after the sunrise period, the only rule is "first come, first served". This is why there is still an increase in cases of cybersquatting, or the illegal activity of acquiring web domains linked to registered trademarks and then offering them to legitimate owners for very high prices.
Within this context, it is very important to defend your brand on the Internet by taking preventive measures and constantly monitoring your online presence. Our services will help you protect your brand, by offering you comprehensive advice.

With this service, we will:

  • Manage your domain name portfolio eliminating the risk of losing or letting your domains expire
  • Analyze your brand's online presence, identifying domain names belonging to third parties and suggesting the best strategy to get them back
  • Monitor the status of domain names and keywords associated with your online activity
  • Offer you legal support to resolve disputes about domain names connected to your brand name.

The domain portfolio management is provided by Aruba Business, and is subject to acceptance of the relevant terms and conditions.
Aruba Business has been an Aruba company since 2015.

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