Domain Validation SSL Certificate

The HTTPS protocol on your site with a DV SSL Certificate from Actalis, included in your hosting service

Actalis, one of Europe’s main Certification Authorities, recognized internationally by the CAB Forum to issue SSL Certificates.

DV SSL Certificate included: the HTTPS Protocol on your website

A pre-installed Single Domain DV SSL Certificate issued by Actalis comes included in our Hosting Linux and Windows Hosting plans, as well as in all our WordPress, SuperSite and e-commerce solutions..

An SSL certificate will ensure that your site is accessible with the secure HTTPS protocol, providing encryption of all data (including sensitive data) and displaying the padlock symbol in the browser address.

DV SSL certificate

How to tell if a site is SSL protected

Any website which does not possess an SSL certificate will be classified as “not secure” by browsers and displayed as such in the address bar.

Not secure web site

A website with a properly installed and activated SSL certificate will be classified as secure as indicated by the padlock symbol in the browser bar.

Secure web site

Why do you need an SSL certificate?

Activating an SSL Certificate on your domain enables the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)/TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol on your website or e-Commerce, boosting its security, image and rankings.


by activating the TLS protocol, data is transmitted through HTTPS, offering a higher level of security than the standard web protocol (HTTP).


the padlock symbol in the address bar shows that your website is secure, reassuring visitors of its trustworthiness.


increased search engine ranking as Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) gives preference to websites accessed through the HTTPS protocol.


Aruba Hosting plans include DV SSL Certificates issued by Actalis

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