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An Actalis DV SSL Certificate is included in your hosting service with SSL.

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Actalis, one of Europe’s main Certification Authorities, recognized internationally by the CAB Forum to issue SSL Certificates.

Why do you need an SSL Certificate?

Activating an SSL Certificate on your domain enables the SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer)/TLS (Transport Layer Security)), protecting data exchanges on your website or e-commerce platform and bringing with it significant benefits in terms of security, image and ranking.


By activating the TLS protocol, connection occurs in HTTPS, guaranteeing a higher level of protection than the standard web protocol (HTTP).


The secure connection icon in the browser bar shows that your website is secure, improving visitor confidence in your credibility.


Improve your search engine ranking as Google prioritizes websites which use the HTTPS protocol in its SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

How can you tell if a website is SSL protected?

Any website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate is labelled by the browser as “not secure”.

The address bar of a browser shows a 'not secure' message next to the URL. The site is not trustworthy, the data are not encrypted and the site's visibility for the search engines is compromised.

A website with a fully installed and activated SSL certificate is shown as safe by displaying a secure connection icon in the browser bar.

The address bar of a browser shows a padlock icon next to the URL. The site is trustworthy, the data are encrypted and the site has got a higher visibility for the search engines.

DV SSL Certificate (included): get the HTTPS protocol on your website

Domain verification
Signatory verification
Organization verification

Domain Validation is the basic level of SSL Certificate verifying just the domain, and letting you display the secure connection icon in the browser bar. This is possible thanks to the HTTPS secure communication protocol being enabled, ensuring that data entered on the site (including sensitive data) is encrypted.

A pre-installed Actalis Wildcard DV SSL Certificate is included in our Linux and Windows Hositng plans and all our WordPress, SuperSite and e-commerce solutions.

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an OV or EV Certificate from Actalis.

OV SSL certificate: protect your e-commerce transactions

Domain verification
Signatory verification
Organization verification

Ideal for small e-commerce platforms and to showcase websites with online forms (such as contact forms), the OV (Organization Validation) SSL Certificate(Organization Validation) certifies the company/organization behind your domain (OV Single Domain) or multiple domains (OV SAN and OV Wildcard), demonstrating the credibility of your company.

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EV SSL certificate: boast the credibility of your organization

Domain verification
Signatory verification
Organization verification

EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificates are strongly recommended for professional digital projects, providing in depth certification of the link between your website and your company and protecting all data exchanges that take place on it. Their stringent validation process proves the identity and existence of your company and the credibility of your website.

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SSL Certificate included

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