Hosting Linux + Windows

Getting the best out of both operating systems.

Your project with no limits

Configure your website on 2 web spaces, using both Linux and Windows platforms simultaneously. Use languages and applications suitable for both platforms and take advantage of the benefits each has to offer.

Double pointing

Double pointing

Decide where to host your domain: get 2 additional addresses in the format and, hosted by a Windows and a Linux server, respectively. Manage which web space to display effortlessly from your control panel.

Multiple programming languages

Multiple programming languages

Work on both web spaces, programming with all supported languages, from PHP to ASP.NET/.NET Framework 3.5/4.8. Pages on Windows can be connected (or linked) to those on Linux.

Included in Aruba’s Linux + Windows Hosting plan

Multiple tools to give you security, maximum flexibility and complete control over all aspects of your hosting plan.

  • Domain registration

    Domain registration

    Protect your identity on the web

  • IMAP email with antivirus and antispam

    IMAP email with antivirus and antispam

    Communicate securely

  • Softaculous App Installer

    Softaculous App Installer

    Over 200 free apps, including WordPress, for building websites using Linux

  • Unlimited web space with Backup included

    Unlimited web space with Backup included

    No limits to your projects and complete data security

  • Pre-installed DV SSL certificate

    Pre-installed DV SSL certificate

    Protect your website using the HTTPS protocol

  • HiSpeed Cache

    HTTP/2 and HiSpeed Cache

    Improved page loading times on Windows and Linux


Linux + Windows Hosting

The plan that lets you host your domain www. on either a Windows or a Linux platform and enjoy the benefits of both operating systems for programming with no limits.

from€ 21.90 € + VAT/year+ VAT/1st year*
for renewal € 44.99 + VAT

  • 1 DV SSL certified domain included
  • DNS management
  • Redirect and subdomains
  • Web space and unlimited traffic
  • 5 x 1 GB (POP3/IMAP) mailboxes
  • Swite

Customize your Web Hosting

Meet all your hosting needs with one of our many additional services

Aruba Drive
SpazioMail Illimitato
  • Aruba Drive

    Aruba Drive

    Store all your files in a single platform with unlimited storage and an easy-to-manage drive accessible via a custom domain from wherever you are.

  • Unlimited Email Storage

    Unlimited Email Storage

    Manage messages and attachments with no limitations, keep all your email with you and leave storage problems behind once and for all.

  • RankingCoach


    Beat the competition with effective SEO strategies by optimizing your website to increase visits and making sure it is indexed as effectively as possible on search engines.

Web Hosting: additional services


  • Linux Hosting

  • Windows Hosting

Datasheet Linux + Windows Hosting
  Linux Windows
1 Domain (also included for renewals)  yes  yes
DV SSL certificate pre-installed pre-installed
Mailboxes 5 (PO3/IMAP) 5 (PO3/IMAP)
Webmail  yes  yes
Antivirus and antispam  yes  yes
MSSQL 2017 database (1 GB) optional optional
5 MySQL version 8 databases (1 GB) optional optional
Operating system Linux Windows Server 2022
HiSpeed Cache  yes  no
Bandwidth 2 Gbit/s best effort 1 Gbit/s best effort
Volume of traffic unlimited unlimited
Disk space unlimited unlimited
Web server Apache 2.4 Microsoft IIS 10
HTTP/2  yes  yes
PHP 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3
PHP OPCache  yes  no
Redis  yes  no
PHP APCu  yes  no
PHP.ini  yes  no
Supporto PHP  yes  no
ASP.NET/.NET Framework  no  yes
Sup. Visual Studio .NET  no  yes
Classic ASP  no  yes
Ajax / LINQ  no  yes
MVC  no  yes
Server Side Include (SSI)  no  yes
ADO.NET  no  yes
XML  no  yes
WAP  no  yes
Perl  yes  no
Python  yes  no
Ruby  yes  no
IIS Remote Administration  no  yes
URL rewrite management  yes  yes
Web Deploy support  no  yes
CDOSYS cdo.message  no  yes
ASPemail  no  yes
ASPupload  no  yes
ASPpdf  no  yes
ASPjpeg  no  yes
Browscap.ini  no  yes
Server Side Include (SSI)  yes  no
Tool to verify PHP mail function  yes  no
Tool to verify PHP and CGI scripts  yes  no
Security certification  yes  yes
Geographical disaster recovery  yes  yes
Enterprise-grade infrastructure  yes  yes
Restrict FTP access  yes  yes
Fixing known vulnerabilities on the main CMS  yes  no
Replication storage  yes  no
Anti-DDoS system  yes  no
Application isolation  yes  no
WAF  yes  no
Removal of known malware  yes  no
Daily backups 1-7 days 1-7 days
Access to backup files  yes  yes
Whois Privacy optional optional
TLS 1.2, 1.3 1.2, 1.3
Swite - Social Website  yes  yes
Softaculous App Installer  yes  no
Control panel  yes  yes
Tool to restore permissions automatically  no  yes
FTP account  yes  yes
Edit Whois details  yes  yes
DNS panel  yes  yes
Redirect and subdomains  yes  yes
Tool to lock/unlock domains through the Authority  yes  yes
File Manager  yes  yes
Enterprise-level hardware  yes  yes
Flash storage (SSD disks)  yes  no
Cluster architecture  yes  no
Balanced architecture  yes  no
24/7 Monitoring  yes  yes
Statistics optional optional
rankingCoach optional optional
Gigamail (5 GB each) optional optional
Business Mail optional optional
Domain PEC (1GB)
Webmail and PEC management
optional optional
Data center in Italy  yes  yes
Data center Rating 4  yes  yes
Certified green energy  yes  yes
Phone, email or ticket support and guides  yes  yes

Web Hosting: other solutions

Linux Hosting Linux Hosting Icon

The best choice for those who use PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby programming languages.

Windows Hosting Windows Hosting Icon

The best choice if you use ASP or ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) databases.

WordPressWordPress Icon

The Hosting solution with WordPress pre-installed for creating, configuring and updating your website.


The main advantage is the ability to use a wide range of programming languages such as ASP.Net for Windows and PHP for Linux, in addition to standard HTML used on both platforms. This type of hosting is ideal for those wanting to use both programming languages or if you intend to migrate a website from one platform to another.

Do you need help?

Specialist support

We provide a 24/7 phone and ticket support service.