Business Mail

Professional and high quality management of your emails.

Professional and high quality management of your emails.

The Business Mail service adds new features to the Webmail features, allowing you to manage your emails professionally and effortlessly.
This service will be associated with all your domain email accounts.

BUY Business Mail
€ 1.00 € + VAT/year + VAT/1st year*
for renewal € 7.00 + VAT

Domain with email and Business Mail

Buy a Domain with email and add Business Mail for just € 1.00 + VAT/1st year*.

from€ 1.99 € + VAT/year+ VAT/1st year*
for renewal € 22.49 + VAT

Business Mail is already included in these services:

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The main features are:

  • Security archive

    Dedicated storage containing an automatic copy of messages and attachments, received and sent, to keep all your correspondence safe.

  • Configure other accounts

    Up to 4 email accounts (also accounts other than Aruba accounts) can be configured in the Webmail, so you can check multiple email accounts simultaneously.

  • File storage

    For each account you get storage space on the server, the same amount of space you get with your account, in which you can upload and save documents, images, videos and music. The file storage also provides an image and text editor, which allows you to create, edit and save files and documents directly in your Webmail.
    As the file storage corresponds to the size of your email account, you can expand this at any time by purchasing the GigaMail service.

  • Customized autoresponder

    Customized autoresponders can be set up for different senders.
    The autoresponder will then send a specific reply to all the accounts in your domain (e.g. [email protected]) but a different reply to messages arriving from all other email accounts.

  • Synchronize contacts/events

    To synchronize and keep events and contacts always updated between your phone, email client and Webmail.

  • Multiple calendars

    Ideal for configuring multiple personal calendars to then manage separately, according to your needs.

  • Offices and meeting rooms

    To create offices and meeting rooms that can be reserved by all domain mailboxes. A feature designed for companies needing to arrange meetings in their main place of business and other physical offices.

  • Chat

    Chat service integrated in the Webmail which allows the accounts to easily communicate with each other. The postmaster account can enable or disable the chat on all the email accounts or just on certain accounts.

  • BAM feature (Big Attachment Message)

    Send big attachments with no effort. When your attachments exceed the size limit set from the control panel, these will not be included in the message, but sent to the recipient as a simple link from which the files can be downloaded.
    This way the files will not occupy space on your email account, nor risk not being delivered to the recipient for being "too large".

  • Global address book

    The address book which you can manage and change through the postmaster account, to add contacts and groups which can then be shared with all the domain email accounts.

  • Global calendar

    Evolved version of the traditional calendar which allows you to, manage one specific calendar through the postmaster account, and share it with all the domain email accounts.

  • Customize your logo and colors

    The Postmaster can customize the style of domain email accounts. With this feature it is possible to change the logo and colors seen by each user signed in to Webmail.

  • Multiuser

    Share a mailbox with other users within the domain, each one with their own sign in details and access permissions.

Enhance your email with additional services

Create your own custom email addresses and enhance them with our additional services. Increase your storage space to suit your needs with GigaMail or Unlimited Email Storage. Make sure your webmail is professional with the Business Mail service.

SpazioMail Illimitato
Special offer

Unlimited Email Storage

Solve all your storage problems by securing unlimited mailbox storage, without worrying about deleting messages or attachments.

€ 1.00 € + VAT/year + VAT/1st year*
for renewal € 14.99 + VAT


With GigaMail, you can increase the storage space of your email account from 1GB to 5GB. There is no limit to the number of GigaMails you can buy for each domain.

€ 5.50 € + IVA/1° anno cad. + VAT/1st year each + IVA/1er año cada*
for renewal € 5.50 + VAT
Caselle Email Illimitate
Special offer

Unlimited Email Accounts

Don’t settle for just 5 accounts!
Create an unlimited number of personalized 1GB email accounts

€ 1.00 € + VAT/year + VAT/1st year*
for renewal € 14.99 + VAT
€ 5.00 € + IVA/1° anno cad. + VAT/1st year each + IVA/1er año cada*
for renewal € 9.90 + VAT
webmail Aruba

Webmail always included, to manage your emails wherever you are

Aruba's Webmail is an essential tool for accessing your email accounts whenever you want, on the device of your choice.
With a host of features designed to suit any customer, it’s intuitive, easy to use and suitable for everyone.

  • Manage email accounts and folders
  • Use calendars and address books
  • Quick and advanced search feature
  • Set up message rules

We protect your data, because the security of your website is one of our top priorities

You maintain complete control over your data, safeguarded in certified, highly-resilient infrastructures: our European data centers.
We are GDPR compliant, respecting privacy and the processing of personal details. We do not use our Customer’s data for advertising purposes.
Your website is protected and secure, thanks to redundant hardware, asynchronous data replication and continuous system patching.
Your service includes automatic security checks and regular updates of the antivirus software.

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