IMAP Email

Get to your emails from any internet-connected device,
both via email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, etc.) and via Webmail.

The IMAP Email service allows you to configure your email accounts using the IMAP4 protocol as opposed to the POP3 email protocol.
This way the emails are kept on the server at all times and it's only possible to download the email headers, choosing which messages you wish to read and which to delete, without having to download the entire content.

€ 2.00 € + IVA/1° anno + VAT/1st year + IVA/1er año*
al rinnovo for renewal € renovación 2.00 € + IVA + VAT

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Here are some advantages of using IMAP:

  • More users can use the same email account simultaneously

    Unlike with the POP3 protocol, the IMAP email protocol allows you to have multiple simultaneous connections to the same email account, and also check the changes each user makes.

  • Check the status of the messages

    From each single email client or from our Webmail you can keep track of each message and check if it has already been read, if you received a reply, etc.

  • Search within the folders

    With IMAP you can search the messages in the server without having to download them all.

  • IMAP is supported by various email clients

    The IMAP protocol can be used for the configuration of your email accounts on major email programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird.

To avoid accidentally downloading all incoming email messages via the POP3 protocol, before you proceed with the configuration of your account using the IMAP protocol, you will need to delete any previous configurations using the POP3 protocol.
Once the email account has been configured with the IMAP protocol you can then create custom folders which will be displayed to all the users who connect to that account via email client and Webmail.

Enhance your email with additional services

Create your own customized email accounts and enhance them with our additional services. Increase your storage to suit your needs with GigaMail. Make your Webmail professional with the Business Mail service.


With GigaMail, you can increase the storage space of your email account from 1GB to 5GB. There is no limit to the number of GigaMails you can buy for each domain.

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Unlimited Email Accounts

Don’t settle for just 5 accounts!
Create an unlimited number of personalized 1GB email accounts

€ 12.91 € + IVA/1° anno + VAT/1st year + IVA/1er año*
al rinnovo for renewal € renovación 12.91 € + IVA + VAT
webmail Aruba

Webmail always included, to manage your emails wherever you are

Aruba's Webmail is an essential tool for accessing your email accounts whenever you want, on the device of your choice.
With a host of features designed to suit any customer, it’s intuitive, easy to use and suitable for everyone.

  • Manage email accounts and folders
  • Manage calendars and address books
  • Quick and advanced search feature
  • Set up message rules

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You maintain complete control over your data, safeguarded in certified, highly-resilient infrastructures: our European data centers.
We are GDPR compliant, respecting privacy and the processing of personal details. We do not use our Customer’s data for advertising purposes.
Your website is protected and secure, thanks to redundant hardware, asynchronous data replication and continuous system patching.
Your service includes automatic security checks and regular updates of the antivirus software.

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