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Hosting by Aruba with WordPress pre-installed. Secure and reliable.
WordPress is the world's most commonly used system for creating and managing high quality websites. With Aruba's WordPress Hosting, you get everything you need to start developing your website, with access to thousands of fantastic themes and plugins and maximum freedom to customize them to suit your preferences and your requirements.


  • WordPress pre-installed
  • Thousands of themes and plugins available
  • Malware detection
  • 1 Domain included, also for renewals
  • DV SSL certificate included
  • Free support 24/7 Free support 24/7

Domain names included (also for renewals) 1
DV SSL Certificate SSL pre-installed
Email addresses (1GB) 5 (POP3)
Swite - Social Website  
Disk Space unlimited
Traffic Volume unlimited
Bandwidth 2Gbit/s best effort
Operating system CentOS 7
Web server Apache 2.4
Cluster architecture  
Balanced architecture  
Automatic Malware removal  
PHP 7.4  
Perl 5.16  
Python 2.7  
Ruby 2.4.2  
Server Side Include (SSI)  
htaccess and server response code management  
Database 1 DB
Total space 1 GB su SSD
Version 5.7
Daily backups  
Access to backup files  
Domains included 1
Whois Privacy optional
Email accounts (1GB) 5 (POP3)
Email IMAP  
Business Email optional
GigaMail (5GB each) optional
Unlimited Email Accounts optional
AntiVirus and AntiSpam  
Control Panel  
FTP Account  
Edit Whois details   
Test to verify FTP service  
Control Panel to manage your domain and email DNS records  
File Manager to upload, edit, delete files and folders in your web space, set up permissions, password protected folders and restore folders and files from your backup.  
Tool to verify PHP mail function  
Tool to verify PHP and CGI scripts  
Tool to lock/unlock domains through the Authority (for domains other than .it and .eu)  
Statistics optional
Data center in Italy  
Power 5 MW
Redundant power system 2N
Internet connection 80 Gb/s
Active multiple connections  
ISO 9001:2015 Certification  
ISO 27001:2013 Certification  
Certified green energy  
Costo annualeAnnual costCoste anual
24.99 + IVA/1° anno + VAT/1st year + IVA/1er año*
al rinnovo for renewal €renovación 34.00€ + IVA + VAT

The GDPR Ready features of our Hosting services

  • SSL certificate

    A security protocol that lets you avoid unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, personal data transmitted.
    (More details: GDPR - art. 32, paragraph 2)

  • Redundant hardware

    Redundancy also involves individual servers, providing an additional guarantee of resilience of the systems.
    (More details: GDPR – art. 32, paragraph 1 b)

  • Asynchronous replication

    A physical copy of your data is updated every 10 minutes to a second storage device at a different Data Center.
    (More details: GDPR – art. 32, paragraph 1 c)

  • Malware detection

    Ongoing monitoring of site vulnerabilities and immediate resolution.
    (More details: GDPR - art. 32, paragraph 1 d)

  • Daily operating system update

    To guarantee adequate security of personal data, including protection, using appropriate technical and organizational methods.
    (More details: GDPR – art. 5, paragraph 1 f)

  • Daily backup

    To combat the risk of accidental loss of personal data.
    (More details: GDPR - art. 5, paragraph 1 f)

Aruba and data protection

and data protection

Your data is
in Europe


Your data is in Europe

Aruba S.p.A. is an Italian company based in Italy: your personal and administrative data is managed in Europe, in accordance with European laws. Aruba uses it exclusively to provide the services you have purchased. Your data is not sold to third parties, because our business is that of hosting and domain service provider, not to commercialize our customers' data.

Data Centers in Italy and
in Europe, guaranteed


Data Centers in Italy and in Europe, guaranteed

Our main services, such as email, hosting and PEC (certified email) are managed exclusively within our Italian data centers. These are infrastructures that we own, which are secure, reliable and certified to the highest standards (Rating 4) according to ANSI/TIA 942.

You and you alone control
your data


You and you alone control your data

Your data within our infrastructure is completely under your control. We guarantee that we will not access your data, and we will not use it: we won't sell your data to third parties and we won't commercialize your data.

The highest standards
when it comes to privacy and confidentiality


The highest standards when it comes to privacy and confidentiality

As we are an Italian company and our data centers are based in Europe, our infrastructure is not subject to US laws and regulations such as the Patriot Act or the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), which actually allow unlimited access to data and information, with a significant impact on privacy.

ISO 27001


ISO 27001 certification

Aruba has been certified for many years, and complies with the logical, physical and organizational standards imposed by ISO 27001 certification. We also have many other certificates, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ANSI/TIA 942. See our certificates.



Infrastructure security

Aruba's data centers represent true excellence, thanks to the latest technology, certified security standards and total respect for the environment. This means that we can guarantee the logical and physical security and redundancy of all our systems. Visit the security section of the data centers.

Do you need help?

24/7 Aruba Support

Our phone and ticket support is based in Italy.