Choose a .CLOUD domain to showcase your modern business

The CLOUDdomain

“Cloud” is now replacing the concept of the “network”.
.cloud is considered the most interesting and universal gTLD, it’s innovative, modern and easily identifiable and can be used for all types of websites and services, both for businesses and individuals.
The .cloud domain represents a great opportunity in the world of new domain names.  .cloud domains are the domains of the future. Choose the new  .cloud gTLD for your website, the domain of innovators.

Simple rules of .cloud domain names:

  • Anyone, without any restriction, can register a .cloud domain name.
  • There are no limits to the number of .cloud domains you can register.
  • A .cloud domain name can include the following characters:
    all the letters of the alphabet (from "a" to "z"),
    any number (from “0" to "9"),
    the "-" sign (minus key on your keyword), provided it’s not placed as the first, nor the last character of the domain name you wish to register.

Included with a .cloud domain you get

  • 1 domain
  • DNS Management or Redirect
  • Swite - Social Website1 new
  • Control panel
  • Free support 24/7 Free support 24/7

Services you can combine with a .cloud domain

1Available only with DNS Management.

Swite website included with the domain

Create your website with content from your social media accounts, it's ready in seconds and it can update automatically!