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Your website will be ready in seconds using the content of your social media accounts, capable of updating itself automatically!

Do you use social media for work or pleasure? With Swite, at last, you can have your own website!

Choose the social media account, select your look and your very own personal or business website will create itself in seconds.

Once you've finished, you can let your site update itself automatically whenever you publish photos, posts or videos on the social media accounts you have linked up to it, or you can choose which content to add and customize it yourself.

Once you have created your site with your main social media account, you can link it to others like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to bring all of your content together in one place.
You can also manage it from a smartphone or any other mobile device.

Register a domain and activate an email address, so that your online presence is even more persuasive and professional!

Domain with Swite website
starting from€ 0.99 € + VAT/year+ VAT/1st year*
for renewal from € 10.99 + VAT

Or create your website now and add the domain later


Simple like social media, professional like a professional website ...


photos, videos and other content from your social networks.



your site by changing themes, moving sections, changing colours and adding text.



which content you want to view, hide and update automatically.



something on your social networks and the website will be updated automatically.


The importance of registering a domain:

  • to give your website and email addresses a name
  • to make sure you can be found by search engines
  • to get your name out there whenever you send an email
  • to be more persuasive when putting forward your ideas or the services that you are promoting
  • to have a DV SSL certificate for your site and to give yourself more credibility
  • to get 24/7 support to help you boost your online profile
Starter Swite Features

Swite free version

Full Swite Features

Domain with Swite website

starting from€ 0.99 € + VAT/year+ VAT/1st year*
for renewal from € 10.99 + VAT
Domain swite.com/websitename  
Maximum number of connected social networks 2 5
Automatic updates 24 hours 1 hour
Pre-installed DV SSL Certificate    
Domain transfer    
HTML code in header (FB Pixel)    
Swite trademark removed    
Listed on search engines    
Google Analytics    
Google Search Console    
Google Maps    
Contact form    
Attachments to contact form    
Manage content visibility    
Static sections for uploading content    
14 Personal and Business themes    
Addition of Facebook reviews    

Do you need help?

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We provide a 24/7 phone and ticket support service.