MSSQL Database

A reliable, productive and efficient data platform.

MSSQL Server is the perfect solution both for large businesses, and smaller projects, at a low price it provides a scalable solution which is very high-performing, and simple to install.

It is in fact a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), which is basically a fast and high-performing database which allows users to create websites based on highly professional database.
SQL Server 2017 offers a reliable, productive and efficient data platform to run the most demanding mission-critical applications, cut down on time and development and management costs of the  applications and provide information translatable into action on all levels of the organization. The interaction system is related to Microsoft platforms (on Windows system with ASP or ASP.NET technology).
The MSSQL Database is necessary to be able to use the main CMS that rely on this type of database.
Starting from 10€ + VAT/year you get a database and disk space from 1 GB. You can also choose to purchase a plan with more disk space (up to 10 GB), at 10€ + VAT for each 1 GB.

  • A database and space from 1 GB
  • Increasable space with 1 GB additional plans
  • RDBMS: relational database management system
  • Free support 24/7
BUY from the customer area
€ 10.00 € + VAT/year + VAT/1st year*
for renewal € 10.00 + VAT

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Data sheet

Database 1
Space for database 1 GB (upgrades available for purchase)
Version SQL Server 2017
Number of users 1
ODBC  yes
Import of SQL file (over 10MB)  yes
MyLittleAdmin  yes
€ 10.00 € + VAT/year + VAT/1st year*
for renewal € 10.00 + VAT

N.B. This service can only be used by domains hosted by our Windows Hosting services. It can be purchased both with the domain registration or renewal, or at any time from the customer area.

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