MsSQL Database

A reliable, productive and efficient data platform.

MsSQL Server is the perfect solution both for large businesses, and smaller projects, at a low price it provides a scalable solution which is very high-performing, and simple to install.

MsSQL Database
10,00€ + IVA/anno + VAT/year€ + IVA/año*
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It is in fact a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), which is basically a fast and high-performing database which allows users to create websites based on highly professional database.
SQL Server 2008 offers a reliable, productive and efficient data platform to run the most demanding mission-critical applications, cut down on time and development and management costs of the  applications and provide information translatable into action on all levels of the organization. The interaction system relates to Microsoft platforms, only on Windows system with ASP or ASP.NET technology.
The MsSQL Database is required for using major CMS like BlogEngine.NET, Media Library Starter Kit, nopCommerce, ScrewTurn Wiki, Small Business Site, Starter Kit, Subtext, YetAnotherForum.NET, Mojoportal.
It can be used by multiple domains simultaneously with no restrictions, if not the recommendation to not disclose login and password to third parties, as with these details it is possible to manage your database.
Starting from 10€ + VAT/year you get a database and disk space from 1GB. You can also choose to purchase a plan with more disk space (up to 10GB), at 10€ + VAT for each 1GB.