Domain recovery - brokerage service

Is the domain you want already taken? We can help you recover it

If the domain you want is already taken and is of particular importance to you and your online business, you can still try to buy it. The owner may in fact be happy to sell it to you, for a price.

Our team of brokers will get in touch with the current owner and negotiate the best possible sale price.

Our strong commitment to confidentiality guarantees protection of your identity at every stage of the process.

If the conditions are right to close the deal, our team will suggest an ideal budget and will take care of all the aspects of the purchase process.

The service starts at 39,00€ + VAT and includes the research, contact and negotiation with the current owner.

If the negotiations are successful, a further commission of 12% of the purchase price agreed between the parties will be required.


The domain recovery service is provided exclusively by Namecase GmbH, via the Nidoma platform, and is subject to acceptance of the relevant terms and conditions.

Namecase GmbH is a company specializing in registering expiring domains and brokerage services and has been an Aruba S.p.A. company since 2012.

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