FAQs – Creating a List

The domain extension, also referred to as TLD (Top Level Domain), represents the last part of the domain name, in other words the part after the dot.
Among the most common extensions currently available are .it, .com, .eu, etc…
With the launch of the new extensions, domain owners will have a greater variety of choice to distinguish their website name.
Choosing the right name for your domain is essential.
A simple name that’s easy to remember or an  extension which allows you to specify your type of business will help others find you more easily on the web and give your business greater visibility.
Before they are made available for registration, all the new extensions need to be evaluated by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization which is responsible for the management and coordination of domain names, which establishes the regulations on the assignment process.
Included in the over 700 new extensions being launched, are some which will not be available for  registration to everyone, these are brand names which can only be used by their owners.
For all other new gTLDs, the assignment and registration conditions will be published as soon as they are available.
The new extensions will be launched gradually and will not all be available for registration right away.
As soon as there’s any information and news on the new domains and once the Aruba systems are ready to transform the names you selected in your list of favorites into registration requests, then you will be informed via email, at the address you provided when creating your list.
For many of the new domains the prices are still not available.
The prices will vary depending on the domain extension and will be published as soon as the new extensions become available.
No, creating a list of favorites does not cost anything but at the same time it does not guarantee that the domain name will be assigned to you.
Selecting a list of favorites allows you to simply specify which domain names you prefer and receive news on availability, prices or regulations on the assignment process.
No, as the list of favorites cannot be considered a reservation and/or domain name registration.
Furthermore, the new extensions which gradually become available, will be subject to specific regulations or eligibility requirements which you will need to meet should you decide to proceed with the registration request of the names you included in your list.
It’s not possible to see any pre-submitted list, therefore, we suggest that you save or print the page which confirms the list before you submit your request, so that you have a copy of the domains you selected.
No, it’s not possible to make changes to the list once it has been submitted.
If you are no longer interested in  the extensions you included in the list, this is not a problem as submitting a list of favorites does not imply any obligation for the customer. You can stop receiving information on your favorite domains at any time. If however, you wish to add other extensions to your list, you can always create a new one.
Yes, it’s possible to create a new list at any time.
The TOP category shows a list of the domain extensions still to be launched, which have generated particular interest in our list of favorite domains, therefore resulting as the most popular.

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