WooCommerce Hosting

The most popular WordPress plugin for e-commerce sites, pre-installed to develop and grow your online business. With Managed WooCommerce Hosting, you can configure your online shop and start selling immediately. Aruba will take care of the rest: back-end monitoring, backup and restore, updates and advanced support. Everything you need for the security, speed and performance of your e-commerce.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open source plugin for WordPress that is perfect for transforming the most famous blog and website CMS into a powerful, functional e-commerce site. WooCommerce’s biggest advantage is in being much simpler than other e-commerce solutions, partly because it is based on the same platform as WordPress, which is incredibly intuitive to use. With its wide range of extensions, WooCommerce can be expanded to meet all your needs, whether a small online shop or a more complex store. As a result WooCommerce is now the most popular plugin in the world for creating e-commerce sites.

Main features of Managed WooCommerce Hosting

  • Automatic monitoring

    The service includes automatic monitoring of the performance of the back-end process of product and order entry. The reports and results of the inspection are sent to the domain’s Control Panel and made available to the service owner. If there is an anomaly, an immediate notification will be sent by email or SMS (if you purchase the optional service).

  • DV SSL and malware detection

    We take care of the security of your online shop with DV SSL certificates included in the plan and a continuous malware detection system. Thanks to the DV SSL certificate, your visitors will be assured that your website and any exchanges made via the site are secure. An automatic system also checks for and resolves the presence of malware or code vulnerabilities, which could be harmful to your online activity.

  • Domain included

    Managed WooCommerce Hosting includes the registration and annual upkeep of the domain name on which you will be developing your e-commerce. No surprises when the service is renewed! The domain is included in the price.

  • Advanced support

    In addition to free 24/7 support, you will be able to buy credits to use our Advanced Support service: a team of experts on hand to offer specialist support and advice to help resolve any problems with plugins and themes, recover WooCommerce installations, optimize site performance and much more.

  • Storefront theme pre-installed

    Managed WooCommerce Hosting comes with Storefront enabled: the quick, versatile theme for WooCommerce is perfect for online shops, with minimal graphics and advanced performance. And if you want more, Storefront can be expanded with multiple extensions: you choose the look and features of your e-commerce.

  • Automatic updates

    Keeping the installed application, themes and plugins updated is critical to the security of your website and your e-commerce. This is why we make sure your Managed WooCommerce Hosting is always automatically updated to the latest available version.

  • Backup and restore

    The service includes an automatic backup daily and every 4 hours. There is also the option to activate a service that performs more frequent database backups (hourly or every 2 hours), for even greater security. Backup copies of whichever version you want can be restored at the click of a button.

  • Staging environment

    Managed WooCommerce Hosting provides a dedicated environment to test all your changes before publishing them online. This gives you complete control of the development and maintenance of your online shop, making editing and publishing completely secure.


Speed and performance

The loading speed and performance of an e-commerce site are key to guaranteeing your customers a good browsing experience and consequently boosting sales. This is why we ensure that Managed WooCommerce Hosting boasts optimized infrastructure and management based on the latest technology.

  • Optimized platform

    The service is based on a hosting platform dedicated exclusively to WordPress and WooCommerce, so it is specifically designed to suit the technical operating system of these applications, guaranteeing security and high performance for websites and online shops.

  • Dedicated instances

    The software resources for each site are managed via 12 dedicated containers. This helps reduce page loading and response times and boost performance based on the number of visitors and simultaneous connections to the DB.

  • DB and web space on SSD

    Web space and DB are based on disks with SSD technology that guarantees the speed and enhanced performance of the service. In addition, a DB dedicated to the online site and a different DB to manage the staging environment are provided.

  • HiSpeed Cache

    Our Managed WooCommerce Hosting features a dynamic cache system which improves page loading times of your e-commerce platform. The cache is automatic and fully integrated.


Details of the Managed WooCommerce Hosting plan

Domain names included (also for renewals) 1
Monthly visitors   500,000
Disk space (SSD) unlimited
DV SSL Certificate  (also for renewals) pre-installed
HiSpeed Cache   Faster website
Dedicated instances 12
Optimized platform and dedicated resources    
Free support 24/7  
Advanced support optional
Daily backups   30 days
Backup every 4 hours   
Backup on demand and restore at the click of a button    
Hourly DB backup   optional
Product and order entry monitoring    
Monitoring notification via email  
Monitoring notifications via SMS   optional
Automatic updates    
Storefront theme pre-installed    
Themes and plugins  
Staging environment    
Unlimited Email Accounts (1GB)  
Malware detection    
Monthly visitors   500,000
DB connections 200
PHP OPCache    
Unlimited web space on SSD  
Database on SSD   2 GB
Dedicated instances   12
Rating 4 certified data centers  
Enterprise-level hardware  
Flash storage (SSD disks)  
24/7 monitoring  
Automatic WP core updates  
Automatic WP plugin updates    
Automatic WP theme updates    
Plugin whitelist  
Plugin blacklist  
Backup file access  
Malware scanning  
FTP and FTPS account  
Cluster architecture  
Balanced architecture  
A backup of your website  
Anti-DDoS System  
Replication storage    
Enterprise-grade infrastructure  
Fixing known vulnerabilities on the main CMS  
Application isolation    
Unlimited Email Accounts (1GB)  
IMAP Email  
GigaMails (5 GB each) 20
Antivirus and antispam  
Business Email  
Database   1
Total space 2 GB on SSD
Version 5.7
Domain names included (also for renewals) 1
Whois Privacy optional
Costo annualeAnnual costCoste anual
from€ 99.90 € + VAT/year+ VAT/1st year*
for renewal € 249.00 + VAT

How does Managed WooCommerce Hosting work?

  • Installation

    When the Managed WooCommerce Hosting service is activated, you will find the WordPress service, the WooCommerce plugin and the Storefront theme already installed, with no further action required from you. Once activated, the DV SSL certificate is also automatically activated, which offers secure https connections, as now required by search engines and browsers. All you need to do is start setting up your online shop and publishing it when you are ready.

  • Monitoring and backup

    The Managed WooCommerce Hosting service includes a monitoring system of the performance of the back-end process of entering products and orders, crucial for the purchasing process. Any anomalies are promptly reported via email or SMS, if the specific optional service is activated. The monitoring service must be activated via the domain’s Control Panel. Once active, automatic tests will be carried out simulating a real purchasing process. Full reports and results of the monitoring process will be permanently available via the Control Panel. To ensure business continuity, the service also provides full backups automatically every 4 hours, with the option to view copies and easily restore them directly from the Control Panel. You can even increase the frequency of the database backups up to every hour, by activating the relevant optional service.

  • Updates

    The system automatically checks for updated versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, plugins and themes installed in the official WordPress repositories (the customer is, however, responsible for updates for purchasable plugins and themes or those from other repositories). If there are any updates, a full safety backup will be performed before the update is installed. If there are any anomalies or problems, the backup made before the upgrade will be restored and we will email you so that you have time to manually resolve the issue while we continue to attempt the automatic update. After 30 days, we will perform the automatic update anyway to ensure the security of your website and the entire hosting platform.

What are the benefits of the service?

Managed WooCommerce Hosting combines the intuitiveness of WordPress and WooCommerce with a dedicated infrastructure that guarantees high speed, security and performance. The automatic update system means that performance is improved day after day, and the features offered by your service are optimized. Thanks to 4-hourly backups and the Monitoring service, the main features of your business will be kept under control and your orders will be processed seamlessly. All this means that you don't have to worry about the technical and systematic aspects of the service, allowing you to focus exclusively on your e-commerce.

Optional services for your Managed WooCommerce Hosting

We’ve thought of everything. The first time you access your Managed WooCommerce Hosting, or any time thereafter, you will be able to customize the security level and business continuity guarantee by adding some optional services.

Hourly database backups

An automatic backup system of the Managed WooCommerce Hosting database hourly or every 2 hours. Helps you minimize the risk of losing data or orders: a must for any successful e-commerce.

Monitoring Notifications via SMS

Following automatic checks on the performance of the order and product entering process, any anomalies detected will be reported by the system also via SMS to Italian numbers: for immediate and timely intervention to guarantee business continuity.

Advanced Support available
to customers who choose
Managed WooCommerce Hosting


We protect your data, because the security of your website is one of our top priorities

You maintain complete control over your data, safeguarded in certified, highly-resilient infrastructures: our European data centers.
We are GDPR compliant, respecting privacy and the processing of personal details. We do not use our Customer’s data for advertising purposes.
Your website is protected and secure, thanks to redundant hardware, asynchronous data replication and continuous system patching.
Your service includes automatic security checks and regular updates of the antivirus software.

Do you need help?

Specialist support

We provide a 24/7 phone and ticket support service.