Registering expiring domains:
Domain Backorder

Want to backorder an expiring domain name?

Hundreds of domains expire every day. Some of them have significant commercial value and could be useful for your online business.
On the Nidoma platform, each day you can find and backorder lots of expiring domains.

Here's how it works:

  • you can browse the list of expiring domains published daily
  • you can choose your domain. If more than one person backorders a domain, it will go to auction and you can decide whether or not to take part

the cost of the service starts at just 29,00 € + VAT.


The Domain Backorder service is provided by Namecase GmbH, via the Nidoma platform and is subject to acceptance of the relevant terms and conditions.

Namecase GmbH is a company specializing in registering expiring domains and brokerage services and has been an Aruba S.p.A. company since 2012.

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