E-Commerce solutions

Optimizing any e-Commerce activity requires a customized solution, tailored to the size of the shop that you want to create and the specific expertise of those managing it.


The right solution for every online shop

Do you want to create your own online shop but don't know where to start?

A small online shop, with just a few products in the catalog and with minimal customization and management requirements, requires a different structure to a larger e-Commerce site, handling high volumes of orders and with greater technical and configuration requirements.


Aruba's e-Commerce solution

With Aruba, you don't have to be an expert to create your own e-Commerce website and develop your online shop, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of an online business:

  • Open 24 hours a day
  • Highly flexible
  • Lower running costs

Aruba focuses in particular on business and customer security by offering specialized e-Commerce infrastructures which are fast, efficient and secure.


SuperSite Professional

If you are a novice in designing and managing e-Commerce sites, SuperSite Professional is
the solution designed for you.
The service lets you create small and medium-sized shops, even with no prior experience in
design or graphics.
You can chose from a number of pre-configured themes, customizable with colors, images and
text to create your unique virtual shop.

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The service includes:

  • Domain name, including for renewals
  • DV SSL certificate included
  • Shop creation using drag&drop
  • Multiple themes, subdivided into categories
  • Options to customize text, images and colors
  • Catalog capacity for 100 products
  • Large selection of payment methods
  • Order and delivery management
  • Multilingual site settings
  • Currency options