Italian geographic domain

Choose the domain for your region or province and make it easy to find you online


With an Italian geographic domain, you can give your website a specific location

Does your geographic location add value to your business? Use a geographic domain to let visitors to your website know about it in the browser search bar or in your email address extension.


Choose your region or province, or their acronyms, from the drop-down menu


Choose your domain name using the search bar and check to see if it's available


Register it and make it your own

Geographic domain

Geographic domain

  • 1 domain
  • DNS management control panel
  • Domain control panel
  • Redirect to other site
  • Swite - Social Website
€ 3.99 € + VAT/year + VAT/1st year*
for renewal € 10.99 + VAT

What are the benefits of registering a geographic domain?

Your business will be easier to locate

Your visitors only need to read your website or email address to know where your business is based. This means that if your product has a clearly identifiable geographical value, your customers will recognize it even more easily and quickly.

There is a wider choice of domains with the .it extension

The top level .it version of the perfect domain name for your website or email address might already be in use. Using your nearest geographic domain, lets you find a suitable location that is available to register.

Boost your presence on search engines

Having a domain that includes a keyword with a high search engine value - like the name of your region or province - will make your website easier to find using search terms that include that specific geographic location.


Get a Swite "social website" included in your geographic domain

Swite comes included with any geographic domain registered, offering you a service that lets you create your website in seconds, updated with the content that you post on your social media accounts.
All you need to do is link your favourite social media accounts to your geographic domain, choose the look you want and publish. Your website will be ready in seconds and will update automatically using the content that you have posted.

Make your online project a reality with a geographic domain

Is registering a domain just the first step in an ambitious project?

Find out more about our hosting, CMS and site builder services to create the website you've always wanted.
If you want to open your online shop on a geographic domain, we offer the tools you need to create your e-Commerce platform.

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Create your website

Create your website

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Open your online shop

Open your online shop

Make sure your customers can recognize you
Your customers are online, so make sure they can find you with your e-Commerce platform. Choose the right tool to start selling online straight away
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