Aruba Webmail

Your emails always with you.

With the Aruba Webmail service you can access your email accounts at any time and from any device, without needing any software. Thanks to the fully responsive web interface, managing your emails through your Tablet or mobile phone is easier and more practical than ever before.
The Aruba Webmail can be used with the @aruba.it, @technet.it accounts and with all your domain email accounts.
For this last type of account,  Postmaster also have access to the management section to create, edit, manage and delete domain email accounts, as well as aliases, autoresponders and mailing lists.

Here are some of the features included in the Webmail:
Search  To search for messages and contacts in the Webmail. You have both the quick search feature, to search through the message and contact folders quickly, and the advanced search to narrow down your search results thanks to the filters based on the sender, recipient, subject, date, etc. You can also save these custom searches.
Calendar With this tool you can add, with a few simple clicks, appointments, events, meetings etc. and then send (and receive) reminders automatically via email.
Blacklist Block the emails sent by a specific sender or emails sent by all the senders of one single domain. The messages sent by blocked senders or domains will be deleted automatically, without being delivered.
Antispam* To mark received emails with possible spam content. For messages identified as spam by the filter you can   choose to change the subject, or whether to move them to the Spam folder, or even permanently delete them.
Automatic deletion of messages The messages found in the trash bin are permanently deleted by the server after 90 days, together with the  emails found in the spam folder, which are deleted automatically after 30 days. This automatic feature allows you to recuperate storage space for your email account.
Preferences Configure specific settings for your messages, contacts and calendar, managing settings like: name displayed as the sender, Webmail refresh interval, automatic logout after inactivity, Webmail time zone, or message forwarding options, etc..
Folders Displays the status of the existing email folders and allows you to create new folders and subfolders, rename them and delete them.
Chat** Chat service integrated in the Webmail which allows the @domainname.it accounts to easily communicate with each other. The postmaster account can enable or disable the chat on all the email accounts or just on certain accounts.
Synchronize contacts/events** To synchronize and keep events and contacts always updated between your phone, Webmail and computer.
Corporate address book** The address book which you can share with all the domain email accounts. Managed through the Postmaster account.
Corporate calendar** Evolved version of the traditional calendar, this calendar allows you to manage one specific calendar, which can be shared with all the domain email accounts. Managed through the Postmaster account.

*The Antispam service is included by default with all the @aruba.it and @technet.it accounts, whereas it can be purchased as an additional service for the @domainname.it accounts.

**Feature included in the Business Mail service.