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individuals to large companies.

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Aruba Webmail gives you access to your email accounts any time, from any device, without the need for any special software. This makes it even easier to manage your emails, also on your tablet or mobile phone.

Aruba Webmail can be used for and email accounts, as well as any email account connected to your Aruba domain..



You can access your email accounts at any time, from any device.


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Suitable for everyone

Aruba Webmail is perfect for different kinds of users, from private individuals to large companies.


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The tool that lets you enter appointments, events, meetings etc., in a few simple clicks, with the option to send others (and yourself) automatic email reminders.

Address books

As well as the ability to manage multiple address books, the Contacts menu lets you create groups of recipients, which is essential for sending broadcasts directly to the entire group.

Attività e Note

Tasks and Notes

This feature lets you create one or more tasks, which you can monitor and update.
The notes feature lets you group together notes that you have created into a customized set, while the notes themselves can be sent out by email, printed, edited or deleted.


Quick and advanced search

You can launch the quick search option by typing the content you are looking for in the search box. The advanced search option lets you use more detailed criteria and is launched using the arrow on the search bar.

Mittenti bloccati e sicuri

Blocked and safe senders

You can add email addresses to blocked sender lists if you want to automatically delete messages without them being delivered, or to safe sender lists if you know that they are trustworthy.

Cartelle e filtro Antispam

Folders and Spam filter

You can create new folders and sub-folders, rename and delete them.
If the Spam Filter identifies a message as spam, you can edit the subject, move it directly to the Spam folder, or permanently delete it.


Features included in the Business Mail service


The integrated chat service on Webmail that lets email accounts communicate easily with each other. The Chat feature can be enabled or disabled for some or all accounts from the Postmaster account.

 BAM (Big Attachment Message)

Share files without slowing down messages with attachments, thanks to the new feature that lets you share a public link.

 Customized autoresponder

Send a different reply, depending on the sender: one message for all accounts in your domain (e.g. [email protected]) and a different reply for all other accounts.

 File storage

Additional server space, the same size as the account, for uploading and saving files. Can be integrated with Dropbox and features an editor which allows you to create, edit and save files and documents directly in Webmail.

 Global calendar

The global calendar can be viewed by all the domain’s email accounts and is managed from the Postmaster account.

 Global address book

This feature can be managed from the Postmaster account and lets you create a global address book that can be accessed by all the domain’s email accounts.

 Sync contacts/events

With the CardDAV and CalDAV protocols, you can manage syncing the calendar and address books with other devices, applications or mail clients that support these protocols.


The contacts in your address book, folders, files, tasks, notes and calendar events can be shared between email accounts for the same domain, in read-only mode or with full access.

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