All the security that your online identity deserves

Tools designed to protect your website, data centers built to keep your data safe.

We work, day in day out, to keep your website, email and privacy safe

An online presence is a necessity, but one that is threatened every day by cybercriminals. To combat their illegal activity, all our hosting services include automated security checks, which run continually. We also offer services such as backup and SSL certificates, which can help make your online identity even more secure, thus protecting your reputation as well as that of your website. We protect your personal data in accordance with GDPR, without trading it, but instead carefully storing it in our data centers. Because your privacy is our priority.


Security is part of our hosting service: a pre-installed SSL certificate is included

To guarantee a secure connection, show your attention to online security and boost your position on Google, your website needs an SSL certificate. All of our Linux and Windows Hosting plans, as well as all of our WordPress and SuperSite solutions, have a pre-installed DV SSL certificate

sicurezza SSL DV

The security of not losing anything, thanks to a backup that suits you

Depending on the hosting service you have chosen and any additional services you have selected, backups are available on different levels: for your web space, database or, if you have Managed WordPress Hosting or Managed WooCommerce Hosting, even manual backups on demand. Choose the option you need to make sure you never lose what you do.

sicurezza backup

Web space backup

Gives you a copy of the content of your web space on a daily (for managed services with retention for up to one month), or weekly basis.

Database backup

Saves the data in your MySQL or MSSQL Database directly from the database control panel.

Backup on demand

Gives you up to 4 manual backups on demand at any time, with the possibility of restoring the version you want in just one click.


We make your website more secure every day

Antivirus protection

We regularly update our antivirus software to protect your website and look after its visitors. If an attempt is made to add files that are recognized as malware, our antivirus solution quarantines and deletes it.

Monitoring vulnerabilities and patching

We analyze the status of the core updates for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and other applications, as well as the main plugins, thanks to automatic software that applies managed security patches, when they are released by the manufacturer, on services with a Linux operating system.

Blocking malicious IPs

Constant monitoring of the main blacklists means that we can preemptively block any attempts to access your site from any of the reported IP addresses.


The servers that host your website are secure

Anti-DDoS protection

A DDoS attack can create a variety of problems, up to and including disruption of your services. We combat these attacks by analyzing incoming data, detecting abnormal traffic and, where possible, blocking potentially dangerous packages.

Firewalls and WAFs

Our servers' firewalls protect machines' access ports and, for managed services, installed applications as well (WAFs). This means that we can prevent access from unauthorized external connections.

IDS systems

Thanks to Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), we are constantly monitoring potentially harmful calls to your website. This security check means that we can intervene with appropriate precautionary blocking measures.


We host your website at secure, redundant data centers

The proprietary data centers, from which we provide our hosting services, are located throughout Italy and are equipped with the most advanced redundancy systems, as demonstrated by our ANSI/TIA 942 certification. Power and cooling systems, connectivity equipment and even emergency machines are redundant, meaning that your service is guaranteed, whatever the circumstances.


Geographical disaster recovery

Thanks to geographic replication at two separate data centers, all the data for the Linux Hosting service benefits from highly resilient storage. Copying data to two separate machines, located in two geographically separate infrastructures, means that no data will be lost in the event of a disaster affecting one of the data centers.

Enterprise-level IT infrastructure

All the hardware used is of a high quality, produced by leading manufacturers in the IT market: not only the servers, but also the storage and networking devices that make up our IT infrastructure. This means we can offer excellent standards in terms of quality, performance and reliability.

Constant monitoring

All data centers are manned 24/7/365 by specialized staff who are constantly monitoring the equipment. The onsite presence of technical experts who are always available, guarantees rapid response times for any eventuality.

Do you need help?

Specialist support

We provide a 24/7 phone and ticket support service.