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In this section you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers on the most popular topics relating to SuperSite and how to use it.

The SuperSite editor lets you create websites even if you don't have any knowledge of technology or programming. It's easy, intuitive, and updates are taken care of automatically. All you need is an up-to-date device and you can access the sitebuilder via your browser to create or modify your own web pages. For more information, please see our guides and video guides.
SuperSite can be managed via the editor by logging in via your browser: it's a very simple sitebuilder to use. You don't need to be a webmaster or have any specific programming knowledge. Use of the tool is linked to the features of the editor itself, which cannot be customized: it is not possible to access the server via FTP, for example, but only through the editor available. Managing bookings or your store is simple, and there are many predefined options that cannot be changed, such as the position of the image of the product or service, the font used, etc.

You can try out SuperSite free of charge from the control panel.

WordPress hosting has more functions, is used for many websites and can be customized to suit your needs. It requires a greater knowledge of the service, so is recommended for users who are familiar with WordPress as a CMS and know how to manage it. The service comes with the CMS already installed and is therefore ready to use.
There is no free trial available for WordPress and you need to have a domain with a hosting service that is compatible with the application.

Swite lets you manage a single web page. The page includes content retrieved from one or more social media platforms linked to the service.
It can be activated free of charge from the control panel, using the "Start your free trial" button.
SuperSite Trial is the 30-day trial version of the SuperSite editor and lets you try out the sitebuilder and all of its features (i.e. those available in the Professional version). When you activate the SuperSite Trial you will be able to create a website for selling products and booking services; you will be able to test the automated payment methods provided, manual methods, and much more.

Once the trial period for the editor is over, you will be able to purchase SuperSite for a new domain name or choose whether to manually change the service connected to an existing Aruba domain, by submitting a support request on our portal.

You also have the option of purchasing the solution as an additional service for a domain that is already active. This solution can be used to purchase the SuperSite service on a subdomain (e.g. thirdlevel.domainname.tld): once the purchase is complete, you will be able to publish the site created using the Trial and make it visible on the main domain "domainname.tld" by changing the DNS/mapping, as explained in our guide.

By completing these steps, the SuperSite content will be displayed and indexed with the main domain name.
Yes, the editor in the Professional version offers the option to use the "Appointments" section to manage an area of the site where you can offer free or paid-for services. The services offered can be appointments or events: the latter, unlike appointments, can be booked by several people at the same time

Services can be automatically synced to online calendars such as the “Google/iCloud/Office365/Exchange/Outlook” calendar so they can be viewed directly.

The sale of paid services is possible via offline payments (e.g. bank transfer/cash), PayPal, Stripe.
SuperSite can be activated on a second-level domain or subdomain.
Regardless of activation, you can change the configuration of the domain so that you can show and index the pages with second level URLs (e.g.
Activating a subdomain provides a specific name for the additional host e.g. website.websitename.tld.
In this case, you can only manage the editor via the control panel for the domain and you will be able set the site to appear on the main domain www.websitename.tld, by following the instructions in the guide submitting an authenticated support request and asking the support team to set this up.
There are a number of options available within SuperSite which give you a good position on search engines based on specified keywords. There are also SEO options for images you use, which are used by search engines to analyze and search content.

To find out how to use the options on the individual pages, please see nostra guida.
SuperSite does not allow content to be published or transferred using FTP clients or other software. You can only manage content via a browser, by accessing the SuperSite editor through the dedicated Aruba area.
SuperSite lets you receive automatic payments by credit card, linking the store created with SuperSite to one of the payment gateways supported by the editor.

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