Smart Managed WordPress Hosting

The smart solution for creating your new website or blog with WordPress. Easy to use, secure, beautiful designs and an infinite range of functions. And best of all, with the Managed WordPress Hosting from Aruba, we take care of all the technical aspects.

Monthly visitors 50.000
Disk space (SSD) unlimited
Advanced support optional
Free support 24/7  Free support 24/7  
Backup on demand and restore at the click of a button 2
Daily backups 7 days
Email addresses (1GB) 5 (POP3)
Automatic updates  
Themes and plugins  
DV SSL Certificate SSL (also for renewals) pre-installed
Malware detection  
Domain names included (also for renewals) 1
Optimized platform  
Backup and restore  
Staging environment  
Monthly visitors 50.000
DB connections 50
Unlimited web space on SSD  
Database on SSD 1 GB
Dedicated instances 3
Automatic WP core updates  
Automatic WP plugin updates  
Automatic WP theme updates  
Plugin whitelist  
Plugin blacklist  
Backup file access  
Malware scanning  
FTP and FTPS account  
Cluster architecture  
Balanced architecture  
WAF (web application filter)  
Email addresses (1GB) 5 (POP3)
IMAP Email  
GigaMails (5 GB each) optional
AntiVirus and AntiSpam  
Business Email optional
Database 1
Total space 1 GB on SSD
Version 5.7
Domain names included (also for renewals) 1
Whois Privacy optional
PHP 7.4  
Control panel  
FTP account  
Change Whois data  
Tests to make sure the FTP service is working correctly  
Control Panel to manage the DNS records associated with the service and email  
File Manager to upload, edit and delete files and folders in your web space, set up permissions and password-protected folders and recover folders or files from your backups.  
Tool to make sure PHP mail is working correctly  
Tool to make sure PHP and CGI scripts are working correctly  
Tool to ask the Authorities to lock or unlock domains (those with extensions other than .it and .eu)  
Costo annualeAnnual costCoste anual
29.00 + IVA/1° anno + VAT/1st year + IVA/1er año*
al rinnovo for renewal €renovación 79.00€ + IVA + VAT

We protect your data, because the security of your website is one of our top priorities

You maintain complete control over your data, safeguarded in certified, highly-resilient infrastructures: our European data centers.
We are GDPR compliant, respecting privacy and the processing of personal details. We do not use our Customer’s data for advertising purposes.
Your website is protected and secure, thanks to redundant hardware, asynchronous data replication and continuous system patching.
Your service includes automatic security checks and regular updates of the antivirus software.

Do you need help?

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