Database Backup

Backup the data of your MySQL or MSSQL Database, for the next 7 days.

This service can only be purchased if you have either a MySQL or MSSQL Database. If you don’t have a database, add either a MySQL or MSSQL Database to your Hosting plan.
MySQL or MSSQL Backup allows you to save a copy of your MySQL or MSSQL Database, every 7 days. Once the backup service has been activated, in the database control panel you will find the Restore Backup option, which gives you the possibility to Restore daily Backups, and Restore Backups from Upload files.
  • Database backup every 7 days
  • Restore daily backups
  • Download backups to your local computer
  • Free support 24/7 Free support 24/7

The backup service makes a daily copy of the database content, for a period of 7 days.
On day 8, the ‘oldest’ material is cancelled. The backups are made during the night.

for MSSQL Database
for MySQL Database

€3,00 + VAT/year

This is an additional service with a cost of 3€ + VAT/year, which is only available for purchase if you have already purchased or are in the process of purchasing, renewing or upgrading either the Aruba MySQL or MSSQL service.
Those with an active MySQL database who purchase this Backup service, will get a full backup of the previous 7 days upon activation.
The service is activated once the payment has been processed and the MySQL or MSSQL Database for which it is requested has been activated.

Available for:

MsSQL Database MSSQL Database

MySQL Database MySQL Database


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