Hosting Backup

Backup your site content.

Backup your site content

With the Hosting Backup additional service you get a full copy of your website content.
The backup copies are generated automatically and stored in the web space "Daily Backup" and "Weekly Backup" folders. 

  • Get a copy of your site content
  • Domains with dual Hosting, get both Linux and Windows Hosting backup
  • Recuperate a copy of the publication saved in folders
  • Free support 24/7

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The "Daily Backup" folder saves a copy of the site content on a daily basis, which overwrites the backup copy made the previous day. The "Weekly Backup" consists in a copy of the website made once a week, saved for an entire week in the relevant folder and then overwritten the following week by the new updated copy.

To download, save or see the content of these folders, simply access via ftp to your web space using the domain login details.

The data saved on any external database (MySQL or MSSQL) will not be considered by the backup therefore can’t be recuperated by the Daily Backup and Weekly Backup folders.

The main advantage of the Hosting Backup service is that you can recuperate a copy of the publication saved in folders, in case of any errors made when editing or updating the web pages.

Provided for free for any third-level domain with web space (Windows, Linux or Linux and Windows Hosting) activated in association with the domain for which the Hosting Backup is requested.

We also remind you that, by contract, you are required to make a backup copy of the entire web space content on a regular basis and save it in a separate place.

N.B. The Backup service is activated after the activation of the domain for which it is purchased. It has the same duration as the associated domain, therefore its expiry date coincides with that of the domain itself: you can purchase this service even during the site’s annual subscription, however it will still expire with the domain.
If the service is not renewed, it will be suspended and, after 20 days, permanently cancelled.

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