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You’re starting from scratch

SuperSite Easy and
Professional New feature

A simple, user-friendly tool for creating your website. With SuperSite you don’t need any programming skills: your website created in just a few simple steps, even from a smartphone or tablet.

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Hosting WordPress Gestito
You want the most popular tools


WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder application. Great looking themes and all the features you need to create the site you want. Also available as a managed service and with advanced support.

a partire dafromdesde€ 19.90 € + IVA/1° anno + VAT/1st year + IVA/1er año*
You’re an experienced user

Linux and Windows Hosting Plans

Would you rather manage your website yourself? With Linux and Windows Hosting you decide which applications to install, the programming language and technology you want to use.;

a partire dafromdesde€ 11.90 € + IVA/1° anno + VAT/1st year + IVA/1er año*
Build your website yourself with SuperSit

Build your website yourself with SuperSite, even if you're not an expert

Do you know exactly the website you want, but aren't sure where to start?

Aruba SuperSite includes domain registration (the personalized address for your website) and, what’s more, gives you access to countless themes and layouts that will help you create your professional website.

No technical knowledge is required to create your website and spread the word about your business or your passions.

All you need to do is choose the theme, personalize the content and drag and drop elements on to the page to build the website with your own unmistakable style.

Create your website with WordPress

Need something more? Create your website with WordPress

Do you want a scalable service for your website or blog, which adapts to the growth of your business?

Do you want a professional e-commerce site, or to customize your website as much as possible?

WordPress is the answer to all your needs. Our plans include domain registration (the personalized address for your website) and give you access to thousands of plugins and themes to create your own unique project.

If you just want to focus on your project, our managed services offer you all the benefits of a dedicated platform guaranteeing high performance and maximum speed for your website, while we take care of updates and security.


Hosting plans

Hosting plans: manage your website yourself, with guaranteed reliability and security

You want a website you can manage yourself? Already know which applications to install and which services to use?

Our Linux and Windows Hosting plans offer a quality hosting service, housed in eco-friendly data centers built to the highest international standards: a place where millions of customers have placed their trust for over 20 years.


We protect your data, because the security of your website is one of our top priorities

You maintain complete control over your data, safeguarded in certified, highly-resilient infrastructures: our European data centers.
We are GDPR compliant, respecting privacy and the processing of personal details. We do not use our Customer’s data for advertising purposes.
Your website is protected and secure, thanks to redundant hardware, asynchronous data replication and continuous system patching.
Your service includes automatic security checks and regular updates of the antivirus software.

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We provide a 24/7 phone and ticket support service.