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How can I activate the SuperSite Trial version?

After registering with Aruba or, for registered users, after logging in, the trial version will be activated. 

What happens when the 30 day trial period finishes?
When the trial period finishes the website will no longer be available. 

The content will remain available in any case for a further 10 days after the expiry date, to allow you to purchase the service and republish the website content.

How long does the SuperSite Trial last?

The free SuperSite Trial version lasts for 30 days starting from the activation date which will be notified via email.

Which features does the SuperSite Trial version include?

The trial version corresponds to the SuperSite Professional solution and therefore includes all the features, including the e-Commerce and Slideshow widgets.

Can I buy the trial version?

Yes, at any time or within 10 days of the expiry date of the trial version, you can buy the service. You can buy the service from the SuperSite Customer Area.

Can I associate a custom web address with the website created during the trial period?
Yes you can. On activation, your trial version will be assigned a temporary web address, known only to you. Then, before publishing your work, you will be asked to enter your chosen website name, which will appear in the web address like this e.g.:
You have the option of ordering the service at any time through the SuperSite Customer Area and choosing a customized address like this yourwebsite.tld. What’s more, in addition to your customized website, both the Professional and Easy versions offer 5 1GB email accounts in the format accountname@yourwebsite.tld.
Can I publish the website I create during the trial period?

Yes, the website you create during the trial period can be changed at any time and the content can be published with a simple click of a button.

Do you need help?

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Our phone and ticket support is based in Italy.