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.it domains

The .it TLD was introduced in 1987 by the CNR and indicates Italy's geographic domain extension. With several millions of registered online domains, .it is the most popular extension among Italians. Find the .it domain name that's right for you.

The advantages of a .it domain

The "Made in Italy" hallmark is renowned all over the world and so what better way is there to let the whole world know that your business is 100% Italian than by registering a .it domain?
A .it domain symbolizes excellence of Italian products, just like pizza and pasta, and your products could fall in that same category starting from today. Choose a .it domain to let the quality of your products speak for you.

How to register a .it domain name:

The registration of a .it domain is subject to a few restrictions:
  • A .it domain may be registered by all Italian or European citizens provided they are at least 18 years old or by all those who hold citizenship, are resident or located in the European Economic Area countries, the Vatican State, the Republic of San Marino and the Switzerland Confederation.
  • It is possible to activate an unlimited number of .it domains.
  • A .it domain name can contain all letters from A to Z and all numbers from 0 to 9. It can contain the "-" symbol, but not at the beginning nor at the end. In addition, it cannot start with "xn".
  • A .it domain must be at least 3 characters and maximum 63 characters long.
  • .it domain names cannot be booked in advance.
  • Some .it domains are reserved and cannot be assigned (e.g. names of Italian regions, provinces and cities/towns, or names of services or network resources). Other .it domain names are reserved and can only be assigned to local authorities.

Search the .it domain name you wish to register to see if it’s available and purchase it at a special price. The basic plan includes DNS Management or Redirect. Alternatively, purchase the email or hosting service together with your .it domain.

Included with a .it domain you get

  • 1 domain
  • DNS Management or Redirect
  • 1 Swite website1
  • Control panel
  • Free support 24/7 Free support 24/7

Services you can combine with the .it domain

1Available only with DNS Management.
€3,99 €9,99 + IVA/1° annoVAT/1st yearIVA/1er año*
anzichéinstead ofen vez de €9,99 + IVAVATIVA
Dominio .it
.it Domain
Dominio .it

Swite website included with the domain

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