Some of the new domain extensions are already available for registration at Aruba.it.
The launch phase of the new gTLD domain names has only just started, during the next few weeks lots  more extensions will be added to the list of those available for registration.
We will be informing all our customers and all those who have shown an interest in the new domain extensions as soon as they open for registration on  Aruba.it.
The prices of the new gTLD domain names vary depending on the extension.
The prices for the first lot of new gTLDs available for registration are available in our price list.
The registration phase will be open to everyone.
Once the new domain extensions open for registration, they will be assigned on a «First come, First served» basis, like with all other extensions currently available (e.g.: .it; .com; .eu; etc…).
Based on this principle the domain name is assigned to the first applicant who submits an application.

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