What is the SUNRISE period?

The SUNRISE period is the initial phase before the new domain extensions can be registered by the general public.
This phase is mandatory for each new extension that is released and allows trademark holders to register their domain names in advance.

Who can take part in the SUNRISE period?

This phase is dedicated exclusively to trademark holders who can register, in advance, the domain names corresponding to their trademarks.
This way, trademark holders can protect their brand by registering the name of the brand, before it becomes available to the general public.


Requirements to take part in the Sunrise phase

In order to take part, the trademark needs to be registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse.
Taking part in the SUNRISE phase is subject to the payment of a fixed cost which is added to that of the registration once the domain name is assigned.


Is your trademark already registered with the TMCH and you want to take part in the Sunrise period?

Request information on the Sunrise period by filling in the form with your details. You will be contacted shortly and provided with all the details you need to participate in the Sunrise period.

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